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Drunk driving offenses are among the most serious charges an individual can face.  In addition to the severe penalties imposed by the Court, DWI defendants experience the embarrassment and stress associated with these potentially life-altering charges.

New Jersey has some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the country.  Individuals convicted of DWI face mandatory license suspension, fines, penalties and, in some cases, the imposition of an interlock device on their vehicle.   Individuals are also exposed to jail for a first and second offense, and mandatory jail for a third or subsequent offense.

If you or someone you know is charged with DWI in New Jersey, it is imperative that you have an experienced DWI attorney.   A trained lawyer can review the evidence against you, recommend a legal strategy, arrange a plea bargain with the prosecutor or, if necessary, conduct a trial before the Judge.

Thomas H. Martin, a New Jersey DWI attorney, has experience handling cases of this nature throughout New Jersey.  He vigorously pursue all available legal options in an effort to obtain a favorable result.  He provides sophisticated energy and fresh ideas for every client, every day. When you are going up against the State of New Jersey you need experienced legal counsel. Regardless of whether you are facing an indictable criminal charge in the Superior Court, a drug charge in Municipal Court, a DWI, or even a simple motor vehicle charge you want to have the best possible result. Thomas H. Martin has been helping people face the most difficult of situations for years. Contact Thomas H. Martin at (732) 431-2224 to arrainge a free consultation.

There can be many negative effects of a DWI/DUI so deciding whether to fight DWI/DUI charges is an important decision. Knowing what could happen from arrest to trial may change how you address your criminal charges, so get all the DUI help you can.


Recent DWI/DUI New Jersey News

DUI Instructions Must Be Translated, Rules New Jersey Court

Published on 07/16/2010

The New Jersey Supreme Court has passed a ruling requiring that DUI suspects must be given breathalyzer information in a language that they can understand.

Non-English speaking drivers must be read, among other information, the consequences of not consenting to a breathalyzer test. The statements do not necessarily have to be understood, but they must be read in the appropriate language.

Opponents of the law claim that it gives immunity to any drunk driver who speaks a language that police officers cannot understand or translate.

State law enforcement officials have been using computerized software that gives the accused DUI statements in writing and audio formats.

No other state has such a requirement although many have made efforts to provide computer or print translations of DUI rules and regulations.


Publicado el 07/16/2010

La Corte Suprema de Nueva Jersey ha aprobado una resolución que requiere que los sospechosos de DUI deben ser informados de alcoholemia en un idioma que puedan entender.

No conductores de habla Inglés debe ser leído, entre otros datos, las consecuencias de no dar su consentimiento a una prueba de alcoholemia. Las declaraciones no necesariamente tienen que ser entendidos, sino que debe ser leído en el idioma apropiado.

Quienes se oponen a la afirmación de la ley que da inmunidad a cualquier conductor ebrio que habla un idioma que la policía no puede entender o traducir.

Estado encargados de hacer cumplir la ley han sido el uso de software informático que da las declaraciones DUI acusado por escrito y los formatos de audio.

Ningún otro estado tiene tal requisito, aunque muchos han hecho esfuerzos para proporcionar traducciones hechas por computadora o imprimir las reglas y regulaciones de DUI.


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