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Being arrested and charged with a crime is one of the most stressful things that a person can go through.   In addition to a record, a conviction can result in fines or jail time and affect you driver’s license or job. The criminal justice system can be intimidating. You may feel confused and overwhelmed. A New Jersey criminal defense attorney can walk you through the process and protect your rights. Thomas H. Martin Esq. is committed to getting you the best result possible, either through a plea agreement or trial. Mr. Martin is a criminal defense attorney experienced in handling all types of criminal cases, ranging from traffic offenses and low-level misdemeanors to major felonies.  He goes to court all the time and routinely deals with the prosecutors and judges in New Jersey.

With years of experience trying cases in New Jersey, he will work with you to prepare your case for trial, and he will be there to answer any questions or concerns that may arise during the handeling of your casel.   Thomas H. Martin Esq. will provide you with competent advice regarding all available options so that you can make informed decisions regarding how your case will be handled.

When you are going up against the State of New Jersey you need experienced legal counsel. Regardless of whether you are facing an indictable criminal charge in the Superior Court, a drug charge in Municipal Court, a DWI, or even a simple motor vehicle charge you want to have the best possible result. Thomas H. Martin has been helping people face the most difficult of situations for years. Contact Thomas H. Martin at (732) 431-2224 to arrainge a free consultation.


Post Conviction Motions

Defendants who are dissatisfied with the outcome of a case can, under certain circumstances, seek relief after they are convicted.  This is called an application for Post Conviction Relief (PCR).

Frequently, a PCR application is the best or only way of saving a defendant from a long loss of driving privileges or jail term.  A successful PCR application may permit the sentencing Court to ignore one of the defendant’s prior offenses.  Put differently, a defendant who is facing such a sentence can use a PCR application in an effort to vacate the conviction on the underlying conviction, thereby avoiding the sentencing enhancements.

While the PCR process can be of great benefit to a defendant facing these more serious potential penalties, these applications are not granted as a matter of routine.  Defendants must set forth a valid basis for the relief.  Defendant must establish that he or she is entitled to PCR by a preponderance of the credible evidence.  Additionally, there are strict time limits with regard to the filing of these petitions.  Generally speaking, a PCR application must be filed within five years after the entry of judgment of conviction or the imposition of sentence.

A commonly cited basis for PCR is ineffective assistance of counsel.  Simply put, the defendant argues that his or her prior attorney did not do a good job.   Procedurally, under New Jersey law claims of ineffective assistance of counsel are particularly suited for PCR review because they involve allegations and evidence that lie outside the trial record and therefore cannot be raised in a prior proceeding.

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